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MES Medical & engineering Solutions is a team dedicated to the sales of electro-medical equipment, technical assistance and maintenance , specialized in the sector of physiotherapy, diagnostics, aesthetics and rehabilitation. It is a young team with one and half decades of wide experience, acquired in the supply and assistance –both at national and international level- of products and services, thanks to the partnership with companies which produce high-quality electro-medical equipment which give excellent results.
The MES Medical & engineering Solutions Team was founded with the intention of maintaining low prices both of the services and products, whilst assuring the best market price for supplies thanks to collaboration and partnerships with the equipment manufacturing companies.
Main activities are in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, like shockwave therapy, hypertherm therapy... whilst opening up to sectors such as diagnostics and aesthetics, and MES has developed numerous collaborations with medical-sanitary and social-sanitary centres.
The MES Medical & engineering Solution Team also carries out security testing and functional test for the same equipment with the aid of the most advanced instruments available today in commerce.

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